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Mirena: Ensures protective results

Press release   •   Jun 11, 2011 01:04 EDT

A woman, who is looking for intrauterine methods to control pregnancy plans can check out IUD based Mirena. Experience of thousand women exemplifies that it has become an ideal choice for them. This option allows her to enjoy kind of relationship and makes life tension free. The IUD is one of the many women favorite especially when they have pressure of demands. It is quite protected and comfortable in school days, job days, and so forth. While planning a family, she can stop using it and conceive in a reasonable length of time.

This contraceptive measure ensures protective results for five years down the line. After completing the time span, she can get a new implant. It is a small plastic T-shaped contraceptive device with active levonorgestrel. A soft and flexible IUD is a hormone-releasing system inserted into womb or uterus to remove unplanned pregnancy. The levonorgestrel released from this device prevents pregnancy as it increases the thickness of the natural mucus which is at the neck of womb. The thickness makes the sperm difficult to cross from the vagina and enter the womb. It also prevents the release of egg from the ovary.

Before selecting Mirena as a birth control option, it is important to consult healthcare provider as some safety measures are needed to be taken care off like:

• It should not be used, if she has a pelvic infection. This can increase infections easily or can end to certain cancers. Less than 1% of woman gets intended to serious infection named pelvic inflammatory disease.
• The Mirena device is attached to the wall of uterus and this causes various problems. In case, the device comes out, she must use back-up birth control and call healthcare provider.
• Life can be threatening and results in loss of pregnancy, if pregnancy is resulted while using this IUS device.
• In initial few months, bleeding and spotting can be observed. This will continue to be irregular and provides treatment for heavy periods.

The contraceptive option Mirena reduces menstrual pain. It is allied with a low risk of pregnancy and infection. During the process, if any symptoms of migraine or severe headaches, pains, unusual swelling in leg, pain on breathing or coughing, sudden breathlessness, or so forth occurs then immediately consult a doctor.


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