Muay Thai Gloves: A Must for Muay Thai Sport

Press Release   •   Aug 01, 2012 00:13 EDT

Muay Thai Gloves point to a country for a particular kind of sport (that is, Muay Thai) and the country is known as Thailand. Nevertheless, Muay Thai has crossed the border of its country of origin and has become popular in different parts of the world. Muay Thai may appear similar to Boxing for some reasons, but this is a kind of sport which is better to be accepted as mixed martial arts sport. Players of Muay Thai require special type of gloves for several reasons:

They want to lessen the force they receive from the opponents.

It is important to save their fist and wrist. hey pay attention to the fact that their opponents are not seriously injured.

Usually, Muay Thai gloves and common boxing gloves are almost similar. Sometimes, Muay Thai players use common boxing gloves. It should still be noted that players must have such gloves in Muay Thai sport which have greater flexibility. This is for the reason that players need to stretch their hand and grab the player of the opposite team. This is again to suggest that Muay Thai creates chances for body contact and knee strikes are common. Hence, special kind of gloves should be used for Muay Thai sport

As hitting at several points is a part of the sport and participants generally go for huge kicking or punching the direct appendages, different kinds of gloves have become prominent and necessary. There are three categories in Muay Thai gloves:

Bag gloves
Training gloves and
Fighting gloves.

Muay Thai gloves are available in several colors, usually, red or blue. During a competition, the judges who offer the scoring can be helped. These gloves are different in size and in weight too. Lace up gloves are for the professional boxers, and in this case, security is assured and fitting is nice and comfortable. It is not easy to wear gloves of this type and the trainers do assist the boxers at this point. During training period, boxers use loop and hook gloves which one can wear easily.

Gloves which are heavier are chosen by the players when they practice, because one should take chance of getting better prepared by increasing one’s strength. Gloves with greater padding at the front side are known as bag gloves and those are also good during training. On the other hand, players at the fighting ground should take light gloves which must be flexible simultaneously.

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Muay Thai gloves are available in different kinds on the basis of different purposes. These are a little similar to common boxing gloves.