Natural factor gluten relief for improved nutrient absorption and digestion

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2017 01:28 EST

Gluten relief comes from natural factors which are formulated with a balanced blend of enzyme needed for complete digestion of difficult to digest foods mostly in cereal grains and milk production, which will contain carbohydrate,proteins, gluten and casein. So the improved digestion of these foods can help digestion complaints and lighten the load on the digestion system thus improving energy level and vitality, reducing diseases and improve health.

Gluten is the sticky protein which is found in wheat and other grains like oats, rye and barley ease. Gluten relief is formulated with balanced blend of enzymes which are needed for complete digestion of which might be difficulty to digest mostly in cereal grains and milk products which contains carbohydrate proteins, gluten and casein. Proteases are enzymes found in the stomach, pancreases and intestines. They help in breaking down protein and digestive health in general. They are also known to reduce pain and inflammation, including muscles pain and alleviate symptoms allergies.Amylases are salivary glands and pancreatic enzymes which can break down carbohydrates into simpler sugars.

Some benefits of natural gluten relief are:

It is suitable for vegetarians

Uniquely supports the digestive system and normalizes the inflammatory response.

It optimizes absorption of nutrients

Improves symptoms associated with food sensitivity, allergies and celiac disease.

Eases gas and bloating associated with consumption of fiber rich foods

Digestive support for the consumption of gluten casein and lactose containing foods like milk, cheese and beans.

Natural factor Gluten relief supports mild to severe digestive complaints, fatigue and loss of energy.

It is good for pregnancy and lactation in women.

It is also suitable for children at half the adult dose.

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They are also known to reduce pain and inflammation, including muscles pain and alleviate symptoms allergies.