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Natural factors Cranrich Super Strength Cranberry concentrate

Press Release   •   Nov 29, 2016 02:55 EST

Natural Factors Cranrich Super Strength Cranberry Concentrate

Vancouver, Canada: Cranberry juice is one the most popular juices/drinks in USA and Canada. People of all ages love to sip on cranberries or cranberry juice. It is drink as a whole juice or is mixed with several cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Although cranberries and products made from cranberries are widely used in US and Canada, very few people actually are aware of the health benefits of cranberries. Cranberries have a large number of health benefits such as they help in destroying the kidney stones, regulates urinary tract, maintains the blood pressure, provides relief from stomach and respiratory related disorders.

Cranberry juice is found to be extremely rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, several beneficial anti oxidants and salicylic acid. It also contains several minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorous and zinc. We cannot always depend on raw cranberries or cranberry juice for that matter to satisfy or bodily nutritional requirement hence what we need is a compound/supplement that not only contains the goodness of cranberries but also contain several other beneficial nutrients. Natural factors has introduced one such product called Natural Factors Cranrich Super Strength Cranberry Concentrate. This product is really an amazing one as it contains all the nutrients present in cranberries in a very high concentrate. The most important point here is that it is much more easier to consume Natural Factors Cranrich Super Strength Cranberry Concentratethan eat cranberries.

Benefits of Natural Factors Cranrich Super Strength Cranberry Concentrate:

Contains the goodness of cranberries and meets all the essential nutritional requirements of our body

This product does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Helps in regulating cholesterol levels.

Natural Factors Cranrich Super Strength Cranberry Concentratehelps in improving the vision, cures kidney stones, clears the infections related to urinary tract, assists in reduction of blood pressure.

Directions for use: it is advised that a regular quantity of this gel needs to be consumed one to 3 times per day for optimum results.

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