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Natural Factors Magnesium Citrate – Be Heart Healthy and Life Ready

Press release   •   May 05, 2016 04:56 EDT

Natural Factors Vitamin C 1000 mg plus Bioflavonoids & Rosehips BONUS Size

Vancouver, Canada: Natural Factors Vitamin C is a supplement that helps provide the right amount of vitamin C in your everyday life. It is a natural source of Vitamin C and a potent antioxidant extracted from organic sources, free from any chemical processes. Derived from natural sources, it does not come with any adverse effects and contributes to keeping you fit and healthy from the inside. Let us learn more about this incredible supplement and see what it has to offer.


There are tons of benefits you can get from regular Natural Factors Vitamin C. Here are some:

  • Treat common colds: While vitamin C as a cold remedy has always been frowned upon due to lack of evidence. Several types of research have indicated that vitamin C can actually reduce the severity and cold fever duration. Vitamin C is also regarded as a natural antihistamine and hence, helps with controlling allergies.
  • Skin problems: Vitamin C is known to play a part in the formation of collagen. That’s why these days vitamin C is used as an ingredient in a lot of moisturizers and skin care masks for bringing back the skin’s natural glow and health. Vitamin C is also helpful in reducing wrinkles as well as fine lines on the skin.
  • Better wound healing: As mentioned above, vitamin C plays a part in the production of collagen. So, aside from making your skin healthy and supple, it can also be used to heal most types of wounds. Vitamin C can speed up the healing process and help you recover faster from cuts and burns.
  • Improves blood circulation: Heart attacks occur due to a variety of reasons, but the most common reason among all other reasons is the obstruction in the blood vessels. While having a heart attack, our blood vessels may become constricted due to a blockage. This obstructs the blood flow, causing chest pain. Studies have found that regular supplementation of vitamin C can help improve blood vessel resistance, especially in people suffering from angina and high blood pressure.
  • Since it contains Citrus Bioflavonoids as well as Rosehips, it helps the human body in optimizing Vitamin C better, which thereby acts as a powerful antioxidant. It supports bones structure, teeth, gums as well as cartilage.


    Natural Factors Vitamin C can help you enjoy these benefits and keep your body healthy fighting against the pollutants present in the toxic environment we live in today. is one the best online vitamins and supplements stores in Canada that has been serving customers for a long time. Visit the site now and get your bottle of Natural Factors Vitamin C. You can avail maximum discounts, free shipping and a lot more upon your purchase.