Natural Factors Olive Leaf

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2017 03:55 EST

The moment we hear the term olive, all we tend to think of is olive topping on pizza but olives are much more than just that especially olive leaves. They contain several medicinal properties such as they are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Several researches have shown that olive leaves are helpful for a large number of deadly infections. These infections may range from simple cold, influenza to several life taking infections like respiratory related infections/disorders.

Directions for use :Typically the dosage of Natural Factors Olive Leaf is suggested like one capsule of this product must be administered 4 times a day for best results preferably prior to meals.

There are several factors that needs to be considered before giving a dosage of Natural Factors Olive Leaf. Some of which are as follows :

Agefactor :

Most persons especially in the USA give children olive leaf which is a wrong act. It has been advised that you are not supposed to give a child this if he is not above the age of 2.

Seriousness of your condition :

You have to consider the rate at which you may be affected by such condition before deciding on whether to go for it or not.

Quality of the product

Even though they may claim to come from the same source, they can’t have the same level of potency. This is because the companies handling them are different which means that they must have undergone different processes of research.

Benefits of taking Natural Factors Olive Leaf :

This product possess all the good qualities that it is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal etc.

Provides protection and cure from a wide variety of infections.

Made from 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any preservatives or harmful chemical substances.

Helps in increasing the immunity of our body.

Soy and gluten free.

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Even though they may claim to come from the same source, they can’t have the same level of potency.