Natural Factors Pgx: The Vital Slimming Granules

Press Release   •   Jan 18, 2017 05:50 EST

Natural factors pgx is a soluble complex polysaccharide made by proprietary EnviroSimplex procedure. The PGX is a natural way to effectively lose weight and maintain your healthy body. It is clinically proven to reduce blood sugar levels while lowering glycemic index thus lowering total (LDL) bad cholesterol. The studies show that it brings about the feeling of stomach fullness, reduces body appetite thus a person will suppress his normal eating capabilities. This unique blend is made from great viscous soluble particles (Sodium alginate, xanthan gum and konjac) that actively act in development in viscosity and water expansion than with similar rate of particles alone. PGX greatly dissolves in water in body intestine and stomach and forms gelatinous, glutinous mass which slows down glucose absorption (carbohydrates) at the same time regulating body sugar levels, inducing stomach fullness and reducing calories absorption.

Natural factors pgx widely reduce lipid levels/ cholesterol by use of binding it into fats in the intestines and ensures its excretion. EnviroSimplex procedure ensures we get the finest purity ingredients for PGX. The PGX unflavored granules have high dissolving capabilities in juice and water. We can also sprinkle them directly on moist foods such as oatmeal, yogurt and soup. It may also be added in fruit salad/ meal replacement as the granules are unflavored and generate fast body weight loss. If you are looking for a way to regulate your body weight then PGX granules are good for promoting feeling of fullness at the same time reducing your appetite, lower your cholesterol levels and are safe and secure to use. It is a discreet, amazing flavor free mix that reduces food craving and maintains healthy weight loss.

However, it is strongly recommended that you should always consult with a licensed practitioner or a healthcare physician prior to trying out any kind of supplements so as to stay on the safer side always and do not face any kind of adverse effects. Nevertheless, all the products sold on are 100% organic, natural and free from any kind of artificial fillers that might damage your health.

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It may also be added in fruit salad/ meal replacement as the granules are unflavored and generate fast body weight loss.