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Most people don’t appreciate the true value of good health. Good health is only appreciated once we get sick and cannot continue with our normal routines. Fortunately, here at, we appreciate the value of constantly having good health. Through proper continuous use of our supplement products, you can not only ensure your bodily nutritional content is splendid, you will also get healthy and avoid getting seriously ill.

Natural Factors RevitalX is one such amazing supplement that you will get at It is really important for your gastrointestinal tract because it serves the function of healing this system and thus ensures the body does not suffer from toxic stress. It therefore plays the role of being a detoxifying agent where it will ensure that heavy metals and other chemicals are excreted from your body.

Revitalx will provide the following very important nutrients that you stomach needs: low allergy potential protein much commonly found also in rice, L. Glutamine which regulates Nitrogen metabolism in the body and lack of it will bring serious gastrointestinal distress, N-acetyl glucosamine which serves the important function of controlling and thinning gastrointestinal mucus, Pantothenic acid which controls allergy reactions and Zinc which heals digestive tissue, control enzymes and regulate diarrhea.

Other quality benefits that come with this very important supplement are that it will provide you with increased energy due to better absorption as a result of your gastro intestinal tract working efficiently. It is also very efficient at ensuring the health of your stomach, colon and even the small intestine as a whole. Also RevitalX can be used as a convenient snack when one is hungry which means it is a good replacement for un-healthy snacks.

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At we only sell top of the range, tested and proven supplement products that have passed the test of tome over the years. We are a leading player in the supplement industry because our products convey professionalism, health and effectiveness. All purchases of our organic supplements come with a 60% discount and free shipping for purchases over $70 in the USA and Canada. Visit for all your supplements requirements.


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At we only sell top of the range, tested and proven supplement products that have passed the test of tome over the years.