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Press Release   •   May 05, 2016 05:27 EDT

Coenzyme B Food Complex

Vancouver, Canada: New Chapter is the brand behind the food supplement with whole-food probiotic-cultured nutrients. Offering it to the public as Supplemental Food, New Chapter coenzyme b food complex is a combination of essential nutrients packed in a time release formula that gradually releases important dietary supplements like cultured B vitamins complete with cofactors and coenzymes for optimal benefits over a specific period of time. The time-release technology offers a gradual but steady intake of vital nutrients to the body which result in a longer lasting and more effective activity.

New Chapter’s patented wholefood probiotic-cultured nutrients are known for delivering essential nutrients needed by the body in a nontoxic and active form within the extreme complexity of food. B Vitamins also work in DNA processes, as well as to reduce homocysteine levels in the human body while improving the body’s signal conduction.In order for the vitamin B complex to be absorbed by the body, it needs another compound or an intrinsic factor.

Not Your Ordinary Food Supplements

Coenzyme B Food Complex is a safe and effective dietary supplement that can be tolerated by the body even in large amounts and on empty stomach. With this natural supplement, you can benefit from the health effects of B vitamins and probiotic culture nutrients without any side effects. Like new chapter tiny tabs, this food supplement has been clinically designed to deliver important nutrients needed by the body.

An adult need the required daily intake of B vitamins to support proper muscle functioning and support energy levels while improving the overall health condition of the nervous system.The amount of B vitamins in our body begins to decrease as we age, so maintaining the appropriate amounts in our body as we grow older is crucial to our health.


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