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Naturally occurring chemicals that benefit your body

Press release   •   Sep 28, 2019 03:16 EDT

There are various elements and chemical compounds in nature and natural substances that can have a variety of beneficial effects on our body. Some of these elements are easily available in certain foods, while some of them aren’t that easy to source. Which is why we ought to resort to supplements to attain and consume these elements for better health? Today we shallow talk about three such elements and their supplements:


What it is: a chemical compound, namely a quarternary ammonium salt, desert in canada is mostly found in the roots, stems barks and rhizomes of the Berberis plant. It’s also found in plants Ike tree Turmeric, Oregon grape, gold thread etc.It has a signature yellow colour, which is why it is used for dyeing purposes. Dtox is usually consumed to control diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure.


  • Helps control high blood sugar.
  • Helps increase the amount of good bacteria in the gut.
  • Helps with bad cholesterol and blood pressure.


What it is:a chemical element in the periodic table; dht blocker is a rare element that is produced by cosmic ray spallation. This element though rare is found in certain foods. Boron is usually consumed as a medicine to help with bone ailments and increase muscle growth


  • Helps in building stronger bones.
  • Helps in muscle growth by increasing testosterone levels.
  • Treats vaginal yeast infections.


What it is: bromelain is a naturally occurring enzyme found in pineapples, and it’sstems, from which it is extracted. Usually consumed as a medicine, bromelain is a strong anti-inflammatory.


  • Helps in reducing post injury swelling and muscle soreness
  • Helps cure nose ailments and sinuses.
  • Helps treat poor digestion.

The consumption of these supplements will ensure that your body stays in the best of condition and you lead a healthy life.

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