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Neo40: Revive Your Body with Top Notch Supplementation

Press release   •   May 31, 2016 05:36 EDT

Neogenis Labs NEO40 Daily

Vancouver, Canada: Neo40 is a product that presents a breakthrough in the delivery of Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide is very important for body functions; however, it doesn’t last long. As a result, it needs a constant source of replenishment. This constant source of replenishment is readily available in neo40 in Canada. Neo40 helps in building nitric pathways so that nitric oxide is available when it is needed by the body. Each tablet of Nepo40 contains a patented nitric oxide blend. In addition, it is enriched with vitamin C and vitamin B12. This product has been the subject numerous clinical trials in USA and reports that have attested to its efficacy.To get more information about Neo40, go to VitaSave.

Why You Should Use Neo40

This product came about as a result of work done by Dr Nathan Bryan from the University of Texas. His research on the role of nitric oxide on body circulation and general well being inspired him to come up with Neo40. This product offers a lot of benefits. They are:

Neo40 works at a very fast rate compared to other competitors. It is the only supplement for nitric oxide that begins working immediately it is used.

Neo40 is clinically researched and proven to be effective. There are a seriesof ongoing researches that are being conducted in order to ensure the effectiveness of this product. As time goes on, improvements are made in order to increase its efficiency.

Neo40 is guaranteed to work for all ranges of people. Unlike L-Arginine which is said not to function well enough for people that are above 40. According to research, Neo40 increases Nitric Oxide more efficiently.

Neo40 is readily available for purchase at

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