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New Chapter Tiny Tabs and Cinnamon Force for a New Healthy Chapter in your life

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2016 05:04 EST

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When you’re fed up with all the chemicals and unnatural ingredients in your vitamins, supplements, and other health food products, you’ll find yourself wanting to use more natural alternatives. Prairie Naturals and SierraSil in Toronto are two examples of natural alternative product companies that you can turn to when you’re done with unnatural additives in your vitamins and supplements.

What is Prairie Naturals?

Prairie Naturals is a brand that prides itself in the fact that it is family owned and does plenty of research before launching any of their hundreds of high-quality natural supplements, hair care, and body care products.

Why should I use it?

Prairie Naturals are focused on providing the right products for your all natural, healthy life. You can use Prairie Naturals for all aspects of your life where you want to switch out chemicals for a more natural product. Some of the exciting components of their products include:

Superfood powders

Essential fatty acids

Mineral supplements


What is SierraSil?

Sierrasil, based in Canada with retailers in Toronto, is a joint relief substance made of natural silicates found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their most famous product, Joint Formula 17, comes in chews, powders, tablets, and capsules, with various natural flavors. There are even chews for pets which areactually very considerate considering how many natural joint relief products are out there for cats and dogs.

Why should I use it?

Sierrasil is made up of natural minerals including calcium, iron, silicon, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc. If you are suffering from joint pain, then this product will alleviate that pain in about two weeks. It has been proven to help slow down or prevent cartilage breakdown and to reduce joint stiffness. The product’s detoxifying properties come from its dense mineral and clay content. The following is a list of benefits that Sierrasil offers:

Joint and muscle ache relief

To reduce stiffness

To slow down or prevent cartilage breakdown

Is made up of many natural minerals and clays

Both SierraSil and Prairie Naturals products are available on, the top online and vitamin supplement store in Canada, where many natural and organic health products are sold.