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Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 00:26 EST

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, February 11, 2011 –, a New Sports Handicapping Website for successful sports betters and sports handicappers, brings you this big time sports investment opportunity that cuts across works of life, ability and ages. Known for their love for sports and livelihood, is the best place to find various Sports Handicapping that you can invest in.

BET, SPORTS AND WIN at…, the website that is dedicated to making your regular sports betting and handicapping a worthy Investment that you can be glad you made. Giving you accurate inforrmation and picks on sports handicapping, nfl betting, nba betting, nhl betting, bet sports and win, sports betting, bet sports, and sports betting information; they ensure your fulfillment in your investment.

Its all about Betting Sports and Winning. On, get a 50% discount for the first 30 days that is off until February 28; this is an Investment that sports lovers cannot afford to miss.

Simply entering and registering in our blog/ website, gets you the discount on your pick. Put a phone call through, or send an email for your comments, gives you ready information and takes your comments seriously.

Guareented picks packages, with an offered 50% discount for the first 30 days. What could be a better start?

Investment is taking a new turn…no return on investment means no real investment. At, there are not just discounts guaranteed, but real investment, and not just betting. has spent over 20 years making Handicapping sports worth the bet.

Everyone wants something or someone they can trust…and trust, is a major factor (that many promises lack) for that’s a driving force for the Monitoring (by a third party grading service) and Verifying of All picks, with a brilliant money management system, treating sports betting as not just a gambling game, but an Investment.

With this website up, brings real Investment right into your rooms.

….it is not sports gambling, but rather “Sports Investing”, Safe and controlled!

To get your 50% discount, log on and register on, and for your guide, questions, concerns, problems or comments, go to

For more information on Sports Hanidcapping, please visit our new detailed website –

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