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Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil: Best EPA & DHA Source

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2016 05:53 EDT

Nordic Naturals ARCTIC COD LIVER OIL - Strawberry Flavour

Nordic Naturals is a name that has a strong foothold in the natural health and supplements industry for its impeccable natural products targeted to the well being of its customers. The list of Nordic Naturals supplements range is indeed a long one; however, one of the most fascinating and well established natural health supplements from this renowned company is Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil. As the name suggests, it is pretty easy to have an idea what the product is about and what it comprises. Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil is extracted from the finest and healthiest Cod fishes from deep sea waters that are highly potent in delivering you EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are two of the most essential fatty acids and have several health advantages. Obtained from far distant, Arctic Norway waters, virgin Cod liver oil from Nordic Naturals is something that you can blindly trust on if you want to nourish your body with the best ever natural nutrients. Although, it sounds like fish oil, however, it does not taste like fish oil at all. Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver oil is available in six distinct flavors such as orange, lemon, spiced apple flavor, peach flavor, strawberry flavored as well as natural flavor too.

Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver oil is extremely rich in EPA and DHA, and at the same time contains higher amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin D, that comes only in its natural forms without the use of any palmitate. Having 485mg of DHA and 350mg of EPA in each of its serving and a higher availability of natural vitamins A and D, Nordic Naturals Cod Liver oil is sure to give you a health boost that you are looking for. It has been proved that cod liver oil can help you in promoting normal brain developments as well as enhanced visual functions. Researched has also pointed out the fact that EPA and DHA can significantly boost your cardiovascular health, enhance positive mood and improve other cognitive functions. This cod liver oil from Nordic Naturals is distilled molecularly and does not contain any traces of heavy metals or toxins, making it completely safe. It contains the highest amount of natural Omega3 fatty acids compared to any other natural supplements, which is 3 mg per serving.

Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 are absolutely important to the human body in performing optimal functions and maintaining a better health. It helps us to keep improve our heart health, boost weight loss, fight free radicals, helps us in getting rid of diseases, improves organ functioning and much more. However, the saddening part is almost 90% of Standard North American diets lack adequate amount of Omega-3 which is why there are a lot of health complications. Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil provides you adequate amount of Omega 3 to enhance brain developments, improve cognitive functions, helps in increasing DHA among active kids, wards of menstruation pains, enhances joint mobility, brings better flexibility and much more.

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