NOW Zinc: Optimal Dose of Zinc in One Tablet

Press Release   •   Jan 27, 2017 03:44 EST

There are over 50 minerals and vitamins we carry in our body and which our body produces. However, most of those vitamins and minerals are produced by our bodies in very small amounts so we have to take more of them via food or supplements. One of those essential minerals we have to take each day that is underestimated is Zinc. However, after you find out in the next few lines some things about Zinc; you will want to take it every day as a supplement. In brief, Zinc is a metal that is found in small traces in our bodies. People nowadays think that Zinc is only useful for treating common cold and flu. However, Zinc is not all about treating cold and flu - it has numerous other benefits for our health. 

Zinc improves the immune system, it helps us with the production of healthy hormones, it takes part in the cell repair and growth. This important but underestimated mineral also facilitates our digestion. And not only that, Zinc fights cancerous cells just like chemo does. Zinc also boasts being an antioxidant, which means that it prevents free radicals making damage to the healthy cells. Although Zinc is important and everyone should have known already how Zinc is important, many people lack this mineral which can result in Diabetes and Infertility. Luckily, people can make up for the lack of Zinc in their bodies by taking Zinc supplements such as NOW Zinc.

NOW Zinc is a top notch Zinc supplement and is the only supplement of this mineral the human kind will ever need. This superb supplement consists out of 100% Zinc. One great news for people who will consume NOW Zinc is that their organism will recognize this supplement as a food rather than as a supplement. One unit of this supplement contains in itself the optimal daily dose of Zinc. One good feature about NOW Zinc is that it is free of almost all common ingredients that trigger allergic reactions such as eggs, milk, preservatives, yeast, wheat, sugar, starch, and gluten. This terrific supplement will make you have a healthy immune system and healthy cardiovascular function. One daily recommended tablet of NOW Zinc will do miracles to your body which can be felt after the first use of this supplement.

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NOW Zinc is a top notch Zinc supplement and is the only supplement of this mineral the human kind will ever need.