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In the human body there are a total of four types of collagen, types 1-4 where type 2 is responsible for the most amount of cartilage. The collage makes for a very important component in joint and body movement. They are the ones that act as a tissue and support system of pressure for every aspect of the joints. Needless to say over time they decrease in effectiveness and tire out without the proper need of care and attention.

 Much like brakes on a vehicle, the pads of our joints need the maintenance of various nutrients that support a healthy and active lifestyle. Collagen type 2 serves as the anti-inflammatory properties which aid greatly in repair and recovery to any injury.

Nutri-Collagen Plus in turn provides the means of extra and much need Collagen type 2 for injured cartilage in the joints as well as serving as a to prevent of future accidents or damage. The amino acids located in the collagen also make for the process of healing wounds and burns throughout the body.

 The process can be used to heal skin related ulcers and irritations, making the arteries and veins of the injured area run smoother and more healthy. The formula is also added to many skin care products as a form of anti-aging material and used to combat wrinkles.

Very much optimized in the type 2 formula compound of collagen, the essential mixed provide for the most vital growth and repair of joints and cartilage. None else found anywhere with the added benefits of better movement and longevities of health to the proper consumer of the product. A great and quick way to recover from an injury and still continue to stay active and alive throughout the recover process.

Benefits of using NUTRI-COLLAGEN PLUS:

Produces and promotes healthy cartilage.

Makes for a supplement requirement of Collagen.

Very easy to swallow and digest softgel.

Enhances Osteoporosis through the body.

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Needless to say over time they decrease in effectiveness and tire out without the proper need of care and attention.