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Omega 3 Fatty Acids: The Good Fats That Your Body Needs

Press release   •   Apr 20, 2016 05:40 EDT

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A popular misconception created in the healthy diet fads is that fats are not healthy. Well, the body requires healthy fats for various body functions such as for joint lubrication, for absorption of fat soluble vitamins, formation of cell membrane, and to provide energy just to mention a few.

The human body cannot produce fats yet they are essential for the optimal functioning of the body. Therefore, human beings obtain fats from various sources. One source of good fats is Omega 3 fatty acids. These supply the essential EPA, DHA fatty acids that are crucial to the body. A good source of omega 3 fatty acids is rxomega-3 factors.

Health benefits of Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids offer numerous benefits to men and women across all ages- infants, children, teenagers and the elderly. These unsaturated fatty acids promote health functioning indifferent body organs including the heart, bones and brain. Below are specific benefits offered by consuming omega 3

Promotes brain development and functioning

Promotes health brain and bone formation in foetus

Prevents, manages and treats bone and joint conditions such as osteoporosis

Prevents and manages autoimmune conditions such as lupus

Prevents and manages ADHD in children

Regulates cholesterol levels

Regulates blood pressure

Reduces risk of heart diseases

Alleviate PMS

About rxomega-3 factors

Rxomega-3 factors is a broad spectrum Omega 3 fatty acid dietary supplement containing 2:1 ratio of EDA and DHA essential oils. It is also enhanced with flaxseeds oil and primrose oil that contribute to the full spectrum of this product.

Why you should use it?

The special composition of rxomega-3 factors ensures you get a recommendable dose of Omega 3 on a daily basis. Considering, eating fish and other sources of omega 3 may not deliver to the precise recommended amount of omega 3. Furthermore, rxomega-3 factors omega 3 is fortified with additional fatty acids to increase its benefits.

Your health is critical to the quality of life you lead. Rxomega-3 factors omega 3 fatty acids significantly promote healthy functioning of your body. Go to to purchase your rxomega-3 factors at a discounted price and at no shipping cost. is a reliable ecommerce company on a mission to provide you with natural healthy living price at affordable prices.