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Oogwave Invites SME’s to take their productivity to the next level

Press Release   •   Nov 14, 2011 01:57 EST

Today, Oogwave Inc. opened the public registrations to its cloud based collaborative product Oogwave.com targeted for Small and Medium enterprise across the world.

Oogwave understands the challenges facing the SMEs and enables enterprises to take their productivity to the next level by its cloud platform (internet browser based application) with broad array of office productivity applications and services with powerful collaboration and management features. From generating and sharing content, to empowering users to coordinate campaigns or events, store and share files or track status on the tasks or reports, Oogwave empowers the SMEs with the same toolset used by large corporations to drive their productivity and growth.

Challenges for SME in workflow and collaboration:

  • Work content and files scattered across multiple shared folders on LAN: No effective sharing protocol, negligible access control, risk of loss on hard-disk crash
  • Task mismanagement on emails: No platform for task creation, assignment, tracking and control
  • Meeting setup via emails: Good to inform, bad for subsequent tracking and closure of action points.
  • Discussions and Idea sharing: Ideas and discussions get lost in clutter of emails, difficult to go back and fetch an idea.
  • Disjointed communication: Multiple diverse applications for email, text and voice chat

With Oogwave users can:

  • Manage work content and files, with complete access controls.
  • Manage and track personal as well as work tasks.
  • Manage meetings and track minutes of meeting with milestones.
  • Generate Ideas, have discussions and analyze viewpoints within a group and then share across.
  • With integrated communication, can work with emails, text and voice chat with colleagues.

Oogwave platform is designed to grow with an organization, from a handful of users in one location to hundreds of users in multiple locations around the world, your teams can work, collaborate, share and discuss together in better ways. To simplify application and user management, Oogwave features a single administration option to manage multiple users and work groups accounts across locations.

Other noteworthy features of Oogwave include multiple levels of security, including SSL; online support; remote back-up; and data storage management.

 “At one level, our customers want quality apps that are easy to use and improve their overall productivity. But they also need management, security, back-up, and other features. With Oogwave, we’re delivering those features in order to remove as many barriers as possible to working online in a secure and hassle free environment”, said Peter Smith, product director, Oogwave.

Oogwave is currently available in English language only and free of any license cost for unlimited workgroups and space and can be accessed at: www.Oogwave.com.

About Oogwave Inc.

Oogwave’s innovative platform allows smaller companies and smaller work groups to connect with colleagues around the world, seamlessly sharing information every day. Founded in 2010, Oogwave Inc headquartered in Toronto Canada, is the new way to engage colleagues and partners in your daily work activities.