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Organic Traditions Cacao Powder — a Great Source of Antioxidants with a Rich Chocolate Taste

Press release   •   May 30, 2016 01:49 EDT

Organic Traditions Cacao Powder

Vancouver, CanadaOrganic Traditions Cacao Powder is a dietary supplement with a rich chocolate taste and contains several antioxidants and other vital nutrients. Furthermore, the product is a good source of fiber, a class of food which is vital to maintaining the health of the colon and preventing food constipation. Cacao Powder contains no sugar, is 100% organic, and has relatively low fat content.

Organic Traditions Cacao Powder supplement provides a good source of minerals like Iron and Magnesium. First, Iron is an essential constituent of hemoglobin which transports oxygen from lungs to all parts of the body. About 70% of the Iron present in the body is found in hemoglobin. Second, Magnesium is required for more than 300 chemical reactions involving the organs and systems of the body. This mineral provides support for the immune system, regulates muscle and nerve function and is crucial to maintaining bone strength. Also, Magnesium is responsible for normalizing heart beats, maintaining a healthy level of blood glucose and facilitating energy and protein synthesis.

Why Do You Need Organic Traditions Cacao Powder?

The supplement is an incredible source of fiber. Daily intake of fiber has been shown by scientists to minimize the risk of cancer of the colon and diabetes in people. Fiber also helps in lowering cholesterol level, among other benefits.

Organic Traditions Cacao Powder is a rich source of important minerals which include zinc, potassium, copper and sulfur. These minerals have indispensable roles that they play in keeping the body alive and healthy.

More about the benefits of the rich-flavored Cacao Powder:

It is a good source of antioxidants and essential minerals.

There is no evidence connecting its consumption to obesity.

It promotes the health of colon and prevents constipation as well as other colon-related conditions.

It can be readily ordered on the online retail store


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