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Ortho Eyes Preventative: Cataracts and More

Press Release   •   Feb 26, 2016 06:14 EST

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Ortho Eyes is an eye drop supplement that is crafted to target age-related eye conditions, reduce glare and improve clarity of vision. Among the more popular AoR supplements, Ortho Eyes contains N-Acetyl-Carnosine to promote heightened absorption into the tissue of the eye. The new formula has ensured that Ortho Eyes works faster and on a deeper level than it once did. The topical treatment has been seen to reverse cataracts using natural ingredients instead of drugs.

Ortho Eyes is produced by Advanced Orthomolecular Research in Alberta. With a solid Canadian reputation, the company produces a wide range of healthy, quality, science backed vitamins and supplements to ensure optimal impact. The company actively works to identify the products you need that may not be available yet, pulling from research studies and clinical trials to choose the nutrients that are most supportive of the targeted goal. With a solid foundation, AoR supplements uses pure ingredients, innovative techniques and technology to produce the supplements that you’ve come to know and love.

Benefits of Ortho Eyes

When used following laser eye surgery, cuts down on glare

See clearly

Clinically researched

Supports eye structures and functions

Ortho Eyes has been tested for quality, purity and potency. The eye drops contain N-acetyl-carnosine, which has been rigorously studied to ensure optimal effect. In a study on carnosine supplements in older patients suffering from visual problems, carnosine was found to improve tiredness, eyesight and clarity by the end of the six-month study. Patients reported brighter eyes, and a more relaxed feeling. In another trial with seniors, carnosine supplements were shown to improve not only eyesight but the lens transparency. It has assisted with corneal haze associated with Photorefractive Keratectomy, moderate myopia, and has proven to work faster than other supplements for eye health.

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