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Ortho Eyes – Your Ultimate Eye Problem Solution

Press Release   •   Feb 17, 2016 04:58 EST

AOR Ortho Eyes

Vancouver, Canada – Ortho Eyes is a natural eye drop that helps with removal of proteins that accumulate along the eye structure as one grows older leading to tissue damage. This specially made supplement is formulated with carnosine, a compound that is known to dissolve glycation as well as other proteins that tend to build up along the eye structure. Protein accumulation tends to interfere with vision. This kind of build-up has over the years been associated to eye defects such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration that is related to aging. Ortho Eyes contains high advanced formulations in the market and comes with lubricants and acetyl-carnosine, an antioxidant compound that is effective at causing protein accumulations to dissolve. You can learn more about AOR Ortho Eyes by visiting

Why Should You Use Ortho Eyes?

Ortho Eyes offers several benefits to people who use it. It is specially formulated to soothe as well as rejuvenate tired looking eyes. It helps improve eye conditions that are associated with aging. Some of the benefits that Ortho Eyes offers users are:

- It clears the damage caused by proteins on eye structures

- It enhances the clarity of eye lens

- It helps in reducing eye sensitivity to glare

- It reduces the risk associated with eye related disorders that occur as a result of age

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