Orthovisc: Enjoy mobility efficacy

Press release   •   Jun 07, 2011 06:31 EDT

Many people after trying conservative nonpharmacologic therapy or analgesics have come to solution that Orthovisc injections are instant pain relievers. This injection works when nothing is helping a patient to increase his mobility. The injection enhances the viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid which has been diminished over the time. A non-avian sourced viscosupplement provide efficacy for up to 6 months. An injection constitute of a sterile, non-pyrogenic, clear, viscoelastic solution of hyaluronan with high molecular weight. This ultra-pure natural solution is dissolved in physiological saline which provides natural complex sugar of glycosaminoglycan family.

Osteoarthritis is a knee joint pain with elastoviscous properties of the synovial fluid in it which becomes diminished and results in less protection and shock absorption. For treating osteoarthritis, injectable form of hyaluronic acid named Orthovisc is used. It is a FDA approved Sodium Hyaluronate.

This treatment may or may not cause any side effects to people using it. In case of any side effect or irritation, one must consult the doctor. Before undergoing this treatment, patient must know the most common side effects which persist or become bothersome during the treatment. Some of them are mild bruising, redness or rashes, heat, swelling, or pain at the injection point. Temporary achy feeling or knee inflammation can be noticed. A patient must seek for medical attention instantly, if any of these severe side effects have been observed.

Apart from this, any severe allergic reactions like rash, itchiness, joint stiffness, breathing problem, tightness in chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue can be occurred. There could be different side effects varying from person to person. During the treatment, a person must avoid strenuous activities like jogging, tennis, lifting weights, or standing for at least 48 hours unless otherwise directed by physician or doctor.

Importantly, patient availing Orthovisc injection therapy is more satisfied than patient who is availing treatment of intra-articular steroids. The 72% of patients who are treated with Synvisc do not need total knee replacement surgery. It’s not only the age factor that is responsible for it as other factors like high heels, injuries, etc can be other aspects that are responsible for osteoarthritis.


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