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Paragard: Successful Device for Birth Control

Press Release   •   Jul 16, 2012 05:42 EDT

Birth control is an important agenda for millions of people. Countries which are highly populated, that is, countries like China, India and many others, have been fighting for minimizing their rate of birth. There is a national slogan of one family one child in China, whereas in India it is of one family tow children. Save this, women in major parts of the world look for measures so that they can avoid pregnancy. This is why departmental stores and sales counters have been stuffed with different kinds of contraceptives, contraceptives like condoms and birth controlling pills etc. People do not feel comfortable and completely safe despite they do follow many of the measures. It is also a fact that use of some of the contraceptives does produce side effects and become reasons for health hazards. Against this background, one can pay attention to Paragard which is a kind of mechanical device used successfully to control chances of pregnancy.

Paragard is one of the important birth control devices. The device is small and effective. It is prepared with highly flexible plastic and it is available in covered copper. 1.25 inches X 1.375 inches is the dimension of the device.

The device is handy and thousands of women all over the world depend on its functioning. Actually, paragard is a type of intrauterine plastic-metallic device which the gynecologists or the medical experts insert into the private part of the women who want to go for birth control. With Paragard as protection, chance of implantation is greatly reduced.

Sexually active women, who do not want a baby in immediate days or who do not want to get bothered by undesirable pregnancy, will be happy to learn that Paragard has been approved by none other than the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. One may be interested to know how successful the use of Paragard is. Yes, it is almost cent percents, to be precise, it is 99.4 percent. The good thing in Paragard is that this device is easy to use. Paragard is totally safe and it can be ensured that the device can be inserted without any sort of surgical operation. Another important part of this birth control device is that a woman can use the same for more than ten years.

Women who have selected Paragard need not be bothered with anxiety of consuming birth control pills on regular basis. It is also important to note that they will never be victim of any hormonal side effects. The users should, of course, remember that the device cannot guard such diseases which are transmitted sexually.

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