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Plant Based Calcium Supplements Are the Best for Promoting Bone Health

Press release   •   Apr 07, 2016 04:36 EDT

 Bone Strength Take Care - Tiny Tabs

Did you know that it takes more than calcium to promote healthy bones? To develop healthy bones, you require both nutritional and physical discipline.

Regarding nutrition, you need to consume the recommended amounts of calcium along with other micronutrients such as Vitamin D and K. The micronutrients promote optimal absorption and utilization of calcium for bone formation and maintenance. Appropriate nutrient intake coupled up with regular exercises ensures you have healthy bones.

Bone Strength Take Care contains calcium and Vitamin D and K to promote bone and joint health.

Why take Bone Strength Take Care?

First of all, lack of sufficient calcium amounts in the body can cause bone health conditions such as osteoporosis. Other conditions related to calcium deficiency in the body include:

Kidney stones

Post and Premenstrual symptoms

Poor foetal development

Miscarriage in pregnant women

Eye damage and poor eyesight

Hair loss

Brittle nails


Heart conditions such as abnormal heart beat

Low immunity

Taking Bone Strength Take Care ensures that you get sufficient supply of calcium hence preventing the above diseases. Calcium has also been used to manage the above conditions.

Secondly, Bone Strength Take Care is a plant-based calcium dietary supplement. Why the emphasis on plant-based calcium source. You may wonder. Well, most calcium supplements available in the market come from limestone rocks.

You don’t normally eat rocks! Why would you take products with traces of limestone? The good thing about plant-based supplements is that they are easily digestible and assimilated to the body.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, it takes more that calcium to build strong bones. Bone Strength Take Care is fortified with other essential nutrients including vitamin D and K to promote calcium retention and absorption in the body.

Do not wait for your body to start showing symptoms of calcium deficiency. That might be too late! Contact to order your Bone Strength Take Care bone health complex formula.

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