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Platinum Super Easymulti 45+ — an Ideal Multivitamin for Men to Improve Their Health

Press Release   •   May 30, 2016 02:44 EDT

Platinum Super EasyMulti 45+ for Men

Vancouver, Canada — Super Easymulti 45+ is a complete formula with many beneficial supplements to improve men’s health, prevent age-related medical conditions and reduce signs of aging. The health product is formulated with a rich combination of antioxidants, minerals, omega oils, nutrients and vitamins. Some of these ingredients include grape seed extract, CoQ10, milk thistle, saw palmetto and some others. Its anti-aging ingredients are highly effective against external and internal signs of aging.

The multivitamin, in soft gel caps, has undergone an update with some new wonderful additions. It now contains higher doses of CoQ10 and vitamin B12 which are 100 mg and 1000 mg respectively. Further, the capsules are smaller in size and free of beta carotene which interacts with this health product lowering its effectiveness.

Why Do You Need The Supplement?

Platinum multivitamin super easymulti 45+ is a potent free radical neutralizer. Free radicals cause body cells to degenerate, a development which damages gradually the healthy functioning of the ear, eye as well as memory with increasing age. People are daily exposed to various chemicals, pollutants, processed foods, toxins and other harmful substances in the surroundings. These substances contain free radical and other toxic materials that get absorbed into and broken down in the body. This eventually leads to infections and speeds up the aging process. Super Easymulti 45+ is enriched with super ingredients which nullify the harmful effects of these unwanted substances.

Some benefits of this multivitamin:

It boosts the immune system.

It is a reliable source of wonderful nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and others.

It combats signs of aging internally and externally.

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