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Primal Defense – A Healthy Guts is a Healthy Body

Press Release   •   May 06, 2016 05:15 EDT

Garden of Life Primal Defense

Vancouver, CanadaWith all the bad stuff that we put in our body, sooner or later, we will eventually give in to sickness. How is this not possible? Most of us work so hard just to earn a living. But then, we work so hard that we sometimes skip meals or would never mind eating healthy food. After all, nobody got time for that, right? But, in the end, our body’s going to be the one who will suffer in the end. So, make sure to protect yourself from various disease and environmental toxin through the help of Primal Defense. This probiotic supplement is made by the company Garden of Life in Canada. This supplement promises to deliver more than just efficient probiotics. Good thing that it is easy to buy Primal Defense in Canada. Do you want to know how? Learn more about this supplement by visiting


Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for your health, most notably with your digestive system. When we hear the word “bacteria,” we immediately think of them as something that can cause diseases and render someone sick. However, our body contains micro-organisms called good bacteria. The most common term is normal flora. They are mostly seen in the skin, mucous membrane, vagina, and the gut. These micro-organisms work by helping the body fight off harmful bacteria and viruses. This concept is the same reason why women should never overuse their feminine washes. Probiotics work by replenishing the number of good bacteria in the gut, bringing back balance to the system. This supplement provides several benefits including:

Help improve digestive capacity

Better absorption of nutrients

Plays a role in keeping the body disease-free

Prevents digestive problems including diarrhea, indigestion, and flatulence.


Primal Defense makes use of organic bacteria to help the body stay healthy and strong. The company Garden of Life in Canada ensures everyone that their product is safe and effective. You can easily buy Primal Defense in Canada. Just log on to and purchase the most suitable supplement for your needs. Vitasave is one of the leading and most reputed sites in Canada that sells high-quality supplements and vitamins at the best prices. They have been serving customers for a decade and are known to be the best in this field. You also get amazing discounts and free shipping on your purchase of $70, provided if you reside within Canada and the United States.