Producer Turned Voice Talent Finding Success on the Other Side of the Glass

Press release   •   Feb 04, 2014 14:27 EST

Los Angeles-based Jennifer Sims, trained in dramatic arts, was working at one of the top advertising agencies in California with some of the best voice over actors in the business when she had the realization that she needed to be on the “other side of the glass.” Armed with the experience of casting talent and first-hand knowledge of the creative process, Jennifer has made this new career path a successful one.

Using her professional insights, Jennifer landed such clients as Life and Specialty Ventures. She has provided voice-over for a corporate training video on leadership for Maersk, the parent company of some of the largest and most reputable brands in the shipping, oil, and gas industries, and a recent radio spot for Brandman University. Other projects have come about due to the building and maintenance of relationships with her clients, ultimately leading to repeat business; all transferable skills from her ad agency days.

“One advantage my work as a producer has given me is the fact that I have such an intimate knowledge of the commercial and promo process,” Jennifer explains. “I know how many ‘layers’ a spot goes through before I, as talent, even see the copy. I also treat the copy with complete respect - the advertiser has a specific message that they are trying to convey, and I personally know that it is based on exhaustive research, focus groups, and ROIs, not to mention approvals from Legal.”

Jennifer reveals that having inside knowledge regarding casting allows her to relax, enjoy auditioning, and move on to the next thing, thus giving her a professional edge over other voice over artists who do not know about the dozens of variables and conversations that affect a client’s choice of talent: “When I was involved in casting talent, it was almost always done by committee, with the client having the final say. Add to that a level playing field of equally talented actors, and I know very well that the decision is often completely subjective. For example, if I have a sound that reminds the client of his ex-wife, well, I'm probably not going to book that gig! This job is a lot more fun knowing that I don't have to take any perceived ‘rejection’ personally. I know that it’s all business and all about fitting with the client’s expectations.”

Her unique acumen of how the industry works has indeed put this rising VO talent - a member of Voices.com - ahead of the industry pack, with Jennifer disclosing that “being on both sides of the glass inspires my clients' confidence. I know what they’re going through because I go through it, too.”

This former ad agency powerhouse has also recently voiced campaigns for Wells Fargo, Capitol Records, JAFRA International Cosmetics, and New York Times Bestselling Author, Joel Osteen.

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About Jennifer Sims

Jennifer grew up in Santa Barbara and moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. While trying to break into on-camera acting, she was offered a job at one of the top advertising agencies in LA. She fell in love with the ad business and began her career as an agency producer. While working on the agencyside of the business, Jennifer had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the best voice actors in the industry. It was then that she realized she wanted to be on the other side of the glass!

For more on Jennifer, visit http://www.jennifersimsvo.com/.