Progressive organic whey protein: 100% Whey protein

Press release   •   Feb 16, 2017 01:49 EST

Progressive organic whey protein is a certified organic protein, obtained from milk, contains no added steroids, Non GMO and has no induced milk hormones. It is the best natural organic protein which is designed for body optimal health and aids our body hormones to work normally. Whey protein is obtained from grass fed cattle and contains no added colors or preservatives. It supports our body immune system, improves cardiovascular functioning, protects body lean muscles and reduces body sores.

It is protein combination of 5 types of 100% sourced New Zealand nutrients which achieves optimum body absorption and compatibility. Progressive organic whey protein is natural source of calcium and consists of full amino acids spectrum. It may be taken as a beverage, in its natural state. Use a blender if need to add it on baked muffins, bread or pancakes to increase the level of protein. Protein is the major body building nutrient its increase improve body muscle mass, enable us to have better gym workouts and also repair bone structure.

Progressive organic whey protein is a concentrate powder that serves as a dietary protein supplement. A full whey protein contains 9 amino acids that act as an alternative source of body energy. It contains cysteine ingredient which improves glutathione content. Glutathione serves as an antioxidant which stimulates natural body detoxification and improves our body immune status. 

Whey supplements contain bioavailable form of protein which can be easily absorbed, digested and utilized. More whey proteins may also be obtained from weight loss formulas, milk shakes, body building formulas, protein bars and meal replacements. The daily dose of protein in the body is 1-2 grams. The high end of protein scale is for individuals who want body muscle mass.

Organic Whey Protein

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Progressive organic whey protein is natural source of calcium and consists of full amino acids spectrum.