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Proteins are extremely important constituents for our body without which our body fails to perform properly as all the functionalities in our body depends on protein. Proteins tend to perform some of the most vital functions in our body like : proteins assist in the production of enzymes in our body, they help in the secretion of various kinds of hormones in our body, they also help our body to recover from various wear and tear in our body and proteins are also the most important ingredient of teeth, cartilage, blood and bones.

Due to the hectic lifestyles that we the people today are leading in USA and Canada due to various reasons like stress due to work, family problems etc, its pretty hard to supply our body with all the nutritional food products that meet our daily nutritional requirement. Hence there is an essential need for protein supplements today. Progressive Organic Whey Protein is one of the most popular and best protein supplement that we have in markets today.

Whey is created after an tangy or acidic substance like lemon juice which is rich in vitamin c, or a group of enzymes are added to milk during cheese production. During this process, the a byproduct called casein is obtained which later forms as curd. The curd will eventually be further processed and turned to make various types of cheese. Ultimately the liquid part that sits on top of the curd is called whey. Most of us have seen this product when we open a new pack of yoghurt but many of us tend to discard this as we are not aware about its importance. However, scientists have discovered its benefits and created a process that can turn liquid whey into a powdered form.

Benefits of Progressive Organic Whey Protein :

Organic whey powder is mostly harvested from milk that is collected from cows grazing grass. As per various studies, the milk obtained from these grass fed cows is extremely rich in fatty acids as compared to the milk obtained from cows that breeds in industrial set up in USA and Canada. Also another most important factor that we need to consider is in the production of CLA which is of much better quality in the grass fed cows than in the industrialized counterparts.CLA is a very important constituent that is known to cure several heart related ailments and also helps in the prevention of cancer.

It has been found by various studies that the milk obtained from cows that feed on grass is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids as compared to that of other cows. Progressive Organic Whey Protein have researched about all this and contains all the above mentioned ingredients in a perfect optimum blend that provides all the necessary benefits to its users. This product helps in strengthening the heart, treat depression while promoting stronger bone density, and contributes to healthier skin and hair growth, helps in the treatment of cancer etc.

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It has been found by various studies that the milk obtained from cows that feed on grass is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids as compared to that of other cows.