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Promote a Health Colon with Cleanse More Canada

Press Release   •   Feb 23, 2016 01:37 EST

Renew Life CleanseMORE

Cleanse More Canada is produced by Renew Life Canada, a well-known and reputable supplement company that offers an extensive line of gut health dietary supplements. The supplement provides the consumer with the ideal nutrition to promote bowel movements in a natural, safe way. CleanseMore is ideal for those who struggle with occasional constipation, though you can add other things to your lifestyle, such as upping your fibre intake, consuming digestive enzymes and probiotics, as well as ingesting omega 3, 6 and 9s. Exercise can be just as beneficial to promoting regularity.

Renew Life Canada was founded in 1997 with the singular goal of providing people with a safer way to ensure optimal digestive health. The company provides consumers with high quality fibres, enzymes, digestive aids, internal cleanses and probiotics. With super ingredients, the company promotes body purity through highly potent and absorbable nutrients that lack artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors and anything else that isn’t necessary.

Benefits of Cleanse More Canada

Promotes normal bowel movements

Natural laxative formula

Detoxes waste and toxin

Free of excipients, fillers and binders

Free of harsh herbs, such as Cascara Sagrada

How Cleanse More Canada Ingredients Work

The formula is carefully chosen to ensure optimal efficacy. The Magnesium hydrates the colon and stool, Cape Aloe serves as a gentle laxative to stimulate contractions, Rhubarb maintains hydration, Slippery Elm lubricates the intestines, Marshmallow promotes the healthy lining of your intestines, and Triphala supports peristalsis.

Cleanse More Canada combines natural ingredients that have been proven to be highly effective as a combatant against constipation. It is also an excellent supplement to pair with a detox aid to promote a thorough detoxification process. With the perfect combination of herbs and magnesium, you should be able to begin going on a regular schedule in no time!

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