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Remove Toxins in Your Body and Cure Occasional Constipation with CleanseMore

Press Release   •   May 12, 2016 06:27 EDT

Renew Life CleanseMORE

Vancouver, Canada: Renew Life CleanseMore is a powerful herbal product containing natural magnesium, which provides relief for occasional constipation with no cramping discomfort and aids waste and toxins removal from the body, making you feel revitalized. It is an all-natural colon-support formulation, which causes a stimulation of the normal functions of the colon, thereby aiding the removal of toxins without employing the use of severe laxatives.

Renew Life CleanseMore product carries out the elimination of waste matter in two different steps. First, it enhances the hydration of the colon by making use of magnesium hydroxide. This mineral supplies water into the colon and hydrates the region giving room for fecal matter which is not dry and hard to pass. Dehydration mostly causes constipation.

Second, peristalsis — the contraction of smooth muscles in the colon — occurs. Peristalsis is stimulated by herbs like triphala, rhubarb root, and cape aloe gel. By enhancing the hydration of the colon, removal of waste and toxins can be done smoothly. (2 – 3 times daily.)

CleanseMore can be used with other cleansing health products from RenewLife (exceptions are RapidCleanse or CleanseSMART) in order to promote healthy bowel movements.

This potent formula is specially developed to enhance waste elimination without any side effects found in other laxatives. Several other laxatives carry out a purging of the contents of the colon instead of assisting to realize a natural bowel movement. Laxatives (herbs) like senna and casgarasagrada purge the colon using this unfavorable technique; a process which can lead to the irritation and weakening of the colon.

Why You Should Get CleanseMore

CleanseMore has a number of benefits:

  • It is 100% natural; no gluten; no preservatives.
  • It brings about relief for occasional constipation.
  • It is a non-cramping formulation.
  • It is of great quality and potency through the date of expiration.
  • It works throughout the night.
  • It is delivered in vegetable capsules.
  • CleanseMore can be got on

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