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WellBetx PGX Plus Mulberry

Press Release   •   May 12, 2016 07:34 EDT

Natural Factors WellBetX Appetite & Blood Sugar Regulator Program with PGX - French Vanilla

Weight gain can, in addition to being embarrassing, result in complex medical complications in future. Being overweight can lead to complications like hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure and so on. As a result, various means have been devised in order to help overweight people lose some weight.

The normal advice given to overweight people is to do some exercise and be on a diet. Both options require a lot, especially dieting. When dieting, the patient is required to eat a limited amount of food in order to reduce his calorie intake.

However, how does the patient deal with the problem of hunger pangs? A sharp reduction in the amount of food being taken would come as a shock to the body system. A body system that normally expects a large amount of food would be react if it is given less food. How does a person on a diet cope with the little amount of food given to him? The answer to this question is in the form of WellBetx PGX plus Mulberry.

What is WellBetx plus Mulberry?

This is a product that combines the effect of PGX with an extract of mulberry leaves. The product goes a long way to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels. Using this product is an effective way to help reduce your appetite and cravings in between your meals.

The Wellbetx PGX plus Mulberry can do this because it expands in the digestive tract, the result of which is a feeling of satisfaction despite the fact that just little amount of food was consumed.


The following are the benefits of using WellBetx plus mulberry:

It helps in lowering the glycemic food index.

It promotes steady weight loss, reduces appetite, lower your total cholesterol and control your bad cholesterol levels.

The Wellbetx PGX plus mulberry product ensures effective weight management without the complications of hunger pangs in between meals.

For each capsule, there is 500mg of PGX which has the ability to bind water, making you stay full for a longer period.

About 25mg of mulberry is added to the product in order to block those enzymes that are responsible for erratic changes in blood sugar levels, making the cutting of calories easier.

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