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Shopriders Power Chairs: An alternative mobility option

Press Release   •   Oct 26, 2010 03:51 EDT

With a complete line of scooters for disabled or handicapped people, the Shoprider mobility has a lot to offer for every need and every size of person. Unlike before, some powerful wheelchairs can carry weight of 225 kg on ground level at a same time. This brand is well known in the medical supply industry for assisting the discerning people. The power wheelchairs designed by Shoprider are strictly according to the ISO-9001 manufacturing quality standards.

The company is the first wheelchair manufacturer to use powerful and lightweight lithium batteries. This battery ensures that power wheelchair will give customers years of reliable use and high performance. The genuine warranty makes the Shoprider scooter obvious choice for the disabled. The powered wheelchairs are structurally similar to previous ones with additional multi-functional options. The add-on benefits make every unit unique and exclusive. Therefore, people enjoy freedom of mobility with help of power chairs i.e. they can move anywhere i.e. indoor or outdoor. So, it can be said that power chairs act as the best source for transporting or carrying out the essential day-to-day activities easily.

The powered wheelchairs incorporate a high-tech technology to ensure safe and reliable mobility. The belt-driven or gear-driven chairs require low maintenance and gets noisier in the process. There are different models available in power chairs which accommodate special needs of disabled people.

These wheelchairs have a feature of ruggedness variation. The joystick present on chair is designed for the needy people who cannot walk or use only one hand. The joystick is quite flexible as it can be placed either on right or left side. A person can enjoy freedom and smooth ride over uneven territory. Apart from joystick, other methods for controlling the chair are chin control, sip-puff control, head control, or attendant control. The footplates on power chairs are either fixed or detachable. Disabled people can set the chair according to their need as it possesses adjustable height, heel, calf support, and elevating leg rest. The backrest is fixed angle, reclining, or fold-down.

To conclude, there are many manufacturers who deal in mobility scooters. The Shoprider’s power chairs are presented in a wide array of shapes, size and models. This gives person a wide range to select a perfect chair according to need.

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