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Shore Up Your Digestion with Gas Stop

Press Release   •   May 24, 2016 05:23 EDT

Renew Life GasSTOP

Vancouver, Canada: Have you ever have to deal with the discomfort associated with gas-forming foods, such as beans? What about bloating that accompanies this type of food? We find them extremely annoying and are generally detested. The worry over how to deal with this nuisance is now permanently put to an end with Gas Stop.

This is a digestive enzyme that is designed to help the body to break down gas-forming foods in order to relieve the body of occasional gas, bloating and pressure attendant to this class of food. It also has soothing fennel seed that plays a role in relaxing the digestive tract, thereby relieving the discomfort, and then you feel comfortable again.

Why do we need this product?

It is a known fact that highly processed and cooked foods lack the necessary enzymes needed to aid the body in ensuring food digestion. As a result of this, the body may have to undergo strenuous process to break down and absorb nutrients. This is what normally causes occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion. This is handled by Gas Stop, to ensure that you always feel great no matter what you eat, since the stress of breaking down and absorbing the nutrients are handled by this product.


1. It is very fast in breaking down gas-forming foods.

2. It is gluten-free, with no artificial ingredients, making it the ideal product in handling this problem.

3. It maintains its quality, purity and potency through expiration.


1. This product should be handled with care and should be kept away from children.

2. You should consult your healthcare professional before using Gas stop, if you are pregnant woman, a nursing mother or under any medical supervision.

3. This product uses fusion of up to three different strains of key enzymes to increase the potency of the formula. This multi-strain blending ensures that our enzymes are active over the wide range of pH levels found in the human digestive system. Hence, over use of this product will definitely increase the pH level of the body, which may be extremely harmful to the body.

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