Stop Catching Every Bug, Bacteria, and Virus Going Around!

Press Release   •   Dec 26, 2015 04:18 EST

Vancouver Canada It’s time to stop catching colds, bugs, bacteria, and anything else that is going around to catch. Ever wonder why you catch all those sickies that spread like wildfire from person to person? It is your immune system running low or worse at a turtles pace.

It’s time to turn up the immune system with Immuno Care the number one immune support supplement there is. What are the benefits of Immuo Care?

Boosts and balances immune function to fight off infections and bacteria and keep you from missing work, the kids’ school activities, and more.

Source of antioxidants that protect from free radicals attaching to good cells, and also for releasing toxins and bad cells from the body

Helps lower total and LDL cholesterol

Immuno Care is made from plant sterols, cellasate, enzogenol, and derived from non-genetically modified soy, proanthocyanidins from pine bark, fruit, essential fatty acids from oil producing seeds.

Immuno Care will help balane and maintain your immune system which will help you fight off and prevent infections. It also helps keep the rest of your systems in your body running properly when your immune system is balanced. It keeps your cholesterol good which reduces your risk for heart attack and stroke. The antioxidants and a properly running immune system will reduce you chance for cancer, cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, and more.

Immuno Care should be part of your daily care in order to keep your body healthy and balanced so that you can fight off all the bacteria that tried to invade and infect you.

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