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Stop the Glare of Night Driving and Cataracts!

Press Release   •   Dec 08, 2015 04:29 EST

Vancouver Canada- Maybe you’ve experienced that glare of the headlights when driving at night, making you feel uncomfortable about being safe while driving in the dark. It comes with age, cataracts and other eye issues can cause lights to glare and be too bright, eyes to feel dry and irritated. Do not despair; you can get relief from these problems, withAOR Ortho Eyes.

The benefits of AOR Ortho Eyes:

Maintains and improves vision

Reduces halo effect of light glare

Reduces dryness and other irritants

Better lens clarity

Lowers risk of age related eye disorders such as cataracts

These benefits are worth every penny you spend on AOR Ortho Eyes so you can see clearer and better, your contacts more comfortable, and reduce your worry about driving in the dark.

It starts withAOR Ortho Eyes suspension form for better delivery to the eye tissue. Carnosine aides in clearing out damaged proteins from the eye. People who had has lasik(laser) eye surgery, it helps reduce the haze of the cornea and helps healing occur faster.

Ortho Eyes by AOR aides in improving lens transparency and visual acuity in people that are suffering from senile cataracts. It also reduces glare disability in elderly drivers, improving vision in both people with and without cataracts.Ortho Eyeshelps to optimize vision, both in those whose eyes are deteriorating and in those who want to keep their healthy eyes working well. For something as precious as eye sight you can never start too early maintaining your eye health.

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