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Strengthen Your Immune System with Natural Factors Probiotic

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2016 08:21 EST

Natural Factors Double Strength Ultimate Multi Probiotic

Vancouver, Canada: You might take antibiotics and regularly use antibacterial soaps and washes, but the presence of the right bacteria in the right place is of critical importance to the healthy functioning of the body. It is generally thought that bacteria are harmful to the body, but it is not always so. The human body is full of bacteria, some of which are harmful while some have crucial benefits.

There are thousands of varieties of bacteria that live in the digestive tract and help the body to break down food. They also aid the efficient absorption of nutrients. Natural Factors Probiotic contains bacteria that naturally live in the intestinal tract. The presence of these bacteria is critical for digestive function. The digestive health is immensely important to overall physical wellbeing, and not just to prevent gastrointestinal problems. You can purchase this supplement on

Beneficial uses of Natural Factors Probiotic

This supplement is believed to play a very important part in ensuring proper intestinal regulation and digestive function. This is done by balancing the presence of intestinal microflora. Some benefits of this supplement, other than gastrointestinal benefits, are as follows:

  • Scientific studies have shown that probiotics can reduce cholesterol esters, especially the saturated fatty acids in the blood. Probiotics help in disintegrating bile salt and reducing their reabsorption.
  • The helpful probiotics in the body are often destroyed due to the unhealthy modern diets consisting of high carbohydrates, inorganic meat and dairy and chlorinated water. The intake of antibiotics may also result in the loss of “good” bacteria. This supplement can help replace them.
  • It limits the growth of pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria which come under the classification of ‘bad’ bacteria.
  • This supplement contains 5 essential probiotic species and is shelf stable for easy usage.
  • Probiotics may be beneficial brain function and change neurochemistry of the brain to treat anxiety and disorders related to depression.

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