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Suffering From Stress and Fatigue? Keep Reading!

Press Release   •   Dec 14, 2015 06:05 EST

Vancouver Canada- Adrenal Procan help reduce your stress and fatigue using all-natural ingredients, which means no side effects. In these modern times we experience stress and high levels of it, jobs, kids, family, it all adds up to demands on us and we all could use help in lowering stress and fatigue in order to recharge our batteries so to speak. Using adaptogen herbs that contain properties which will help reduce internal resistance to stress; you can reduce stress and fatigue levels in order to recharge yourself.

Benefits ofAdrenal Pro:

increase energy

reduce stress and fatigue

improved sense of well being

The ingredients are all natural herbs such as;


Pantothenic acid

Ashwagandha extract

Schisandra extract

Siberian ginseng extract

Rhodiola extract

Astragulus extract

Vitamin B6

Adrenal Pro is manufactured in Canada where they are made to meet exacting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, utilizing the most modern nutraceutical processing equipment. Quality control, every step of the way, ensures that the product is the purest and freshest finished product to the customers. Every production lot is separately tested for quality by an independent laboratory.

Ingredients are sourced as all raw materials from trusted Canadian ingredient suppliers. The Research & Development team carefully reviews each ingredient and its Certificate of Analysis to ensure that it meets the exact specifications for identity, purity and potency.

So if you are stressed out, feeling fatigued, grab a bottle of Adrenal Pro and balance your system by reducing stress and fatigue knowing you will get the highest quality ingredients.

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