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Sun Warrior Protein Products - Your First Choice for Easily Digestible Protein

Press Release   •   May 11, 2016 03:18 EDT

Sun Warrior Classic Protein - Chocolate Flavour

Vancouver, Canada- For many individuals, getting adequate levels of protein may not be easy. Athletes and persons who may be on a vegetarian diet may find it difficult to ingest enough protein to fuel their bodies properly on a daily basis. If this is the case with you, Sun Warrior Protein products may be just what you need to add to your diet. These products use protein from a variety of different plant sources. They also contain lysine, a substance which is usually missing in protein products that use the natural herbs as a protein source. For more information on which Sun Warrior Protein products are right for your needs, visit today in order to find out which one meets your needs the best.

Why You Should use Sun Warrior Protein Products

Anyone who is attempting to improve their physical health or their figure may want to take a closer look at the Sun Warrior Protein product line. The products use protein sourced from a variety of different plant strains such as rice, pea, quinoa, chia and amaranth. Because it uses plant proteins, it is suitable for a vegetarian diet while still providing protein that is complete in essential amino acids. Increasing one’s protein intake and consuming these products will:

  • Aid in the building and maintenance of lean muscle tissue. This, in turn, will burn more calories
  • Help with maintaining lean body mass
  • Help promote healthy bones by increasing the body’s ability to absorb calcium
  • Increases feelings of satiety so that users feel fuller longer
  • While these products are safe and efficient, it is still important to read up on them and determine if they will cause any problems with chronic health conditions. More information on these products is available at


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