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Sun Warrior Protein- The Healthy Organic Protein

Press Release   •   May 26, 2016 04:23 EDT

Sun Warrior Classic Protein - Natural Flavour

Vancouver, Canada – Sun Warrior Protein is a food supplement that is intended for exercise-savvy people as well as those who need a protein boost in their diet. Sun Warrior Protein is a healthy blend of organically-derived proteins that offer its users an optimum increase in protein levels to enhance energy, boost performance and recharge tired muscles. It comes in powder form and has three varieties to choose form: Sun Warrior Classic, Classic Plus and Warrior Blend. Sun Warrior Protein has been lauded by many users as the best protein powder they have ever tried.

Why should you use Sun Warrior Protein?

Sun Warrior Protein is a potent mix of proteins derived from various organic sources such as coconut, quinoa, chia seeds and brown rice. It is a raw, undamaged protein blend which is easier to digest and is readily absorbed by the body. Sun Warrior Protein contains essential amino acids like Leucine, Lysine, Arginine and branched-chain amino acids that the body cells need to heal and repair itself. Sun Warrior Protein developed an adequate and balanced amount of amino acids in their products, guaranteeing enough protein intakes that are beneficial for overall cell repair and improved health. This ensures neither over-taking nor inadequacy in a person’s protein intake. Sun Warrior Protein increases strength, improves endurance, promotes healing and body tissue repair, rejuvenates the immune system and gives an overall boost in health and wellness. An added bonus- Sun Warrior Protein tastes great and is best added to your favorite beverages.

The Three Varieties of Sun Warrior Protein

Here is a quick run-down on the three popular blends of Sun Warrior Protein:

Sun Warrior-Classic Protein- With protein sources derived from brown rice, this variant boosts up protein reserves gently, and giving users all the protein goodness they need in an easy, smooth and delicious healthy formula.

Sun Warrior-Classic Plus- This blend utilizes not just brown rice protein; it has quinoa, chia seeds, amaranth and peas to provide a little more extra boost to the body. It’s gentle enough on the stomach but gives ample amounts of boost in the strength department.

Sun Warrior-Warrior Blend- It’s not called warrior for nothing. Coconut proteins come into the picture to enable the body to reach better heights. Powerful and healthy, this variant promises to take health and fitness to a higher level.


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