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Supartz- Things You May Want to Know

Press release   •   May 04, 2012 07:16 EDT

Supartz is a medication which is widely used to treat osteoarthritis. Used as joint fluid therapy, this drug is administered by experienced orthopedic surgeon. Available in the form of intra-articular injection, it usually comes with weekly doses. According to reports, some patients undergoing the Supartz treatment usually experiences better results within the first three weeks. The drug has been in use for more than twenty years or so and as visco supplement. Nonetheless, the drug has been in use to treat arthritis since 1970s. Till date, this drug remains one of the most useful and effective medications used to minimize the knee joint pain for patients.

Hyaluronan is the most active ingredient used in Supartz. Basically, hyaluronan is a substance which is extracted from chickens. This substance is similar to natural synovial fluid present in the joints of human being. In a fit and healthy knee, the natural fluid serves to cushion and lubricate the joints and to absorb extra shock. No active inflammatory reactions have been reported with this medicine.

When injected into a problematic knee, the medication acts replace the dried synovial fluid, thereby facilitating normal and smooth joint movement and a less painful contact between the bones. In this way, the drug works as an essential replacement for the synovial fluid.

According to the manufacturer of this drug and the medical studies carried out in the last few decades, the benefit of the joint therapy can be felt for more than 12 months that is quite longer than other preparations available. The manufacturer even believes that using 5 injections rather than 3 can actually help in extending the duration of the pain relief in several cases.

In any case, Supartz is one and only preparation, which can help relieve the painful symptoms for more than 12 months or so. The medication has been approved for re-treatment after the first course of the joint therapy loses its affect. Just like the other visco supplements, this drug is only used when the patient has not attained adequate relief from the simple pain medicines, physical therapy or exercise.

As per studies, some patients experienced pain relief after taking the third injection, while others experienced relief after fifth injection only. However, it is advised to avoid any kind of weight bearing activities for about 48 hours or so. It would be best to avoid activities that include sporting activities, heavy lifting, jogging or standing on your feet for an extended period of time. Any kind of soreness from the injection is generally controlled by applying ice.

Supartz is a prescription medicine. Hence, a prescription is always needed to purchase this drug. Those who are interested to buy the drug must visit your doctor in order to discuss whether it can be effective at treating the osteoarthritis symptoms. Patients must convey to the doctor about any such past or existing health complications or issues especially related with avian allergies. A patient must also provide the doctor a complete list of non prescription and prescription drugs that they may be taking. This might include vitamins and supplements etc.

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