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System Restore XP: Brings the system back to workable state

Press Release   •   Nov 26, 2010 06:01 EST

Good news, now you can restore your important files and programs on computer, if something awful happens to it. The system restore feature allows you to roll back the system files, Windows file Protection folder, registry keys, local user profile, installed programs and other components on computer to a time and date when everything on PC was functioning well. The COM+, IIS Metabase, boot files, dynamic system files and WMI databases are restored which are monitored by Windows. Without re-installing the operating system or loosing the data files, the Windows restore XP feature brings system back to a workable state. This feature must be used after trying comprehensive methods of troubleshooting as it changes many system files and registry entries. It can replace even more files than needed for restoration. The feature was first introduced in Windows XP operating system.

System restoration feature in XP takes snapshots of certain parts known as “system state or restore point”. These are saved as points from time to time and mark configuration places to return in the event of PC problem. The problem in system usually occurs during installation of device or old application. So, the restore points are created before new device drivers, and applications are installed.

The system restore feature of Windows XP is based on a file filter driver. This specifies that changes are made on a certain set of file extensions. By default, it enables restoring of system on hard drives especially, if system possesses 200 megabytes of free disk space after installation. This space is consumed for storing data gathered from restore points. The process of storing restore points continue till the space is full. The allocation of more space results in better protection and performance of the system. If the space gets full for storing the points then system restore begins over writing itself with least recent data.

The sole of purpose of system restore in Windows XP is to take snapshots of computer configuration and program files. It does not act as a replacement for file backup. Therefore, personal data and information is kept untouched and saved.


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