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The Great Controversy of DMSO

Press Release   •   Dec 07, 2015 06:54 EST

Vancouver Canada-While there is a large controversy and DMSO; there are still plenty of people who have no idea whatDMSOis or what it is used for. In Canada there has been some confusion as it now seems that regulations have made this a prescription only item and people wonder why you would need a prescription to get an all-natural remedy.

What is DMSO? Dimethyl sulfoxide (C2H6OS), is a sulfur-containing organic compound that occurs naturally in vegetables, fruits, grains, and animal products. DMSO is formed as a by-product of paper manufacturing and is used as an industrial solvent.

What doesDMSO from Canadabenefit?

reduces inflammation

transportation of drugs across membranes

topical analgesic

treats scleroderma

lowered intracranial pressure faster and more effectively than any other drug

The problem is the USA FDA has only approved it for a preservative of organs; in fact the FDA has refused seven applications to conduct clinical studies, and approved only 1, which subsequently was approved for prescriptive use in 1978. Strong evidence for other uses is lacking.DMSO Canadashould only be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional, due to the potential toxic and adverse effects associated with it.

DMSO Canadais still controversial in a few places you can only get it with prescription however; there are still places to purchase it without one. You should talk to your health care provider first however, since there is some debate over whether it is good or bad for humans.

With such controversial information and not enough studies this is one supplement you may want to think about twice before using.

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