The Importance of healthy Digestion

Press Release   •   Feb 05, 2016 03:12 EST

Digestion is the process by which our food is broken down into a form that can be absorbed into the blood system and carried to cells throughout the body to provide nourishment and energy.

The inability to digest food properly could indicate a deficiency of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. This is a common problem due to poor eating habits and high stress levels. If there is a deficiency in digestive enzymes your body will pull enzymes into the digestive organs from other parts of your body, which are critical for proper immune regulation and cellular processes.

This could lead to a depletion of enzymes in other systems and processes not directly related to digestion.

Improving digestive function is one of the most important steps you can take in improving your health.You can replenish your reserve of enzymes through supplementation available.

Renew Life Digest More Ultra

The strongest enzyme available in Canada! High potency Digest MORE ULTRA contains enzymes to breakdown all of the components of food. It can help to alleviate the signs of poor digestion such as gas, bloating, constipation, cramps and tiredness after eating.

DigestMORE ULTRA is a therapeutic strength enzyme formula designed for those whose digestive problems are chronic and occur on a daily basis, or are serious in nature.

When digest more ultra is taken with a meal, it works to break down food products into their smallest usable components (nutrients). This allows the body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your meal. When food is effectively broken down, the overall function of the digestive system is improved, including a reduction in the amount of gas produced.

Some of the benefits of this product are listed below:

- Relieves occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion

- Enhances digestion and nutrient absorption

- Gluten free, with no artificial ingredients

- Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration.

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