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Press Release   •   Dec 29, 2015 07:05 EST

Vancouver Canada, Mega Food a new way in nutrition using real food all fresh from the organic farm. Founded in 1973, in New Hampshire, they have gone through some innovation and research in a new approach to health and nutrition. In 2005 they expanded their facility in order to hold their new cool dry technology.

In the years since Mega Food has grown, went through some reform where making sure the most up to date formulas are used to make their organic fresh real food nutritional vitamins and supplements to help aid you in your path to better health.

In 2013, Mega Food has become GMO free certified. They proudly support all third party Free GMO verifiers, like The Non GMO Project. Mega Food has also made the decision and stands by it to purchase all their source food from Non GMO certified ingredients. They spend hours selecting and verifying the source of their ingredients to be sure they are giving you the best in every stage of their four part approach to bringing you the absolute best you can get.

The first stage obviously is gathering the source materials from farmers who are certified non GMOs that provide the strict quality and freshness needed for the rest of the process. Then in the second step, those vegetables, fruits, etc. are tested a minimum of three times to make sure they meet all the standards of Mega Food. Third those ingredients are then smashed, milled, and pureed, in order to dehydrate them to just the right point in the slow food process they have come up with. The final step is to wrap it all in an all-natural binder that will allow you to swallow it, providing you the best nutrition you can get.

Mega Food’s formula is real pure whole food, never cuts corners or uses fillers. No contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals from beginning to end the formula is designed to make sure it is easily absorbed into the users system to boost their overall health and aid in repairing health.

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