The Next Generation of Voice Has Arrived

Press Release   •   Aug 02, 2013 16:18 EDT

Brian Wood is forging his own way as professional voice-over artist. This young voice talent is proving that you don't need thirty years of radio broadcasting experience to make it in voice-overs. In fact, his voice is THE voice in demand.

He delivers a unique combination of youthful enthusiasm with professional edge that is trending in the voice-over industry for everything from commercials to educational modules and business explainer videos.

In celebration of his one year anniversary as a full time voice-over artist Wood is releasing a new website BrianWoodVO.com. The website offers the first entry point to working with Wood where clients can learn more about his experience and services, listen to a variety of demo reels, and contact Brian directly.

"It was actually a rather terrifying decision to go full-time because I knew it was risky. I knew it would be incredibly difficult, but I also knew that I love this work and I wouldn't be happy doing anything else," says Wood. "There have been many challenges, first and foremost getting established in an extremely competitive industry. That being said, through sheer persistence and determination I booked my first few clients. After that it became a snowball effect - those clients provided repeat business while I established new clients to grow my business even further."

Originally starting his VO business on a part time basis in 2009, Brian has grown his roster of clients and now works full time on a wide variety of projects with people around the world.

"I started in 2009 after realizing that I absolutely loved working with my voice. I decided we all only get one shot at life, so we may as well spend our time doing something we really enjoy. With a strong background in acting and as a tried and true computer geek, voice-over work was the perfect fit for me. It requires you to wear so many different hats: Actor, Director, Producer, Audio Technician, etc. I enjoy excelling at each role and I'm constantly pushing to improve and expand my range."

Being a voice-over artist presents an exciting opportunity for the young VO entrepreneur to do a wide variety of work. From television commercials and radio ads to children's audiobooks and explainer videos, there is always an interesting project to work on.
Wood finds significant gratification by working on projects that assist the visually impaired saying that, "We often take for granted the fact that many people in the world rely a great deal more than others on their sense of hearing. Voice-over can sometimes be an opportunity to make a difference, big or small, in someone's life."

His dedication to building strong relationships with his clients holds no question that this young VO artist is in it for life. "My business has grown each year not just because I can nail the reads and deliver a fast turnaround, but because I work so well with my clients. Strong communication makes all the difference in every sort of relationship, including the professional ones."

With the release of his new website he is sure to make that commitment a reality. For more information about his voice-over services and to listen to samples his work, visit Wood at: http://brianwoodvo.com/

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About Brian Wood

Brian Wood has lived in and around Vancouver BC his entire life. He graduated with a Diploma in the Performing Arts - Theatre from Douglas College, and has a strong background in both performance and professional photography. He began training specifically for VO work in 2009 with Michael Daingerfield. Brian now enjoys living in the exciting downtown core of Vancouver. When he's not recording from his in-home studio, Brian enjoys traveling with his wonderful girlfriend, playing board games with friends, visiting pubs, and watching professional Starcraft 2.