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Thyroid Supplements – Quality Brands Available At Vitasave

Press Release   •   May 25, 2016 07:05 EDT

Vancouver, Canada: The symptoms of thyroid deficiency are present to more than ten million people in the United States alone. Thyroid deficiency symptoms can pose severe health risks if it is not diagnosed at its early stage and it can significantly affect the total functions of the body and interfere with the way our body normally performs.

Vitasave carries a complete selection of thyroid supplements to maintain the overall health of the thyroid gland and prevent various symptoms that often lead to different types of health conditions. According to research, women have the biggest possibility of acquiring thyroid symptoms than men. One particular type of thyroid symptom is the hypothyroidism which is more commonly known as the underactive thyroid. When the normal functioning rate of the thyroid gland significantly decreases, the body’s metabolism rate also slows down which can result to obesity if the affected individual is not too keen about his body condition.

How To Avoid Thyroid Dysfunction

To avoid acquiring thyroid dysfunction, what you need to do is balance your hormone levels. By understanding how to balance your hormone levels which include estrogen (for women), thyroid hormone, and the progesterone, you will also learn how to keep the balance between the three to avoid thyroid dysfunction. Proper diet and regular exercise can help curve the fast increase in weight as well as in flushing out unhealthy toxins from the body.

When your body metabolism significantly decreases, not only will you experience over fatigue but are also prone to depression and uncontrolled weight gain due to the fact that your body cannot keep up in burning excessive fats and calories. Apart from that, you can also become cold intolerant because of low basal temperature and you will also have dry skin.

Daily intake of thyroid supplements can also significantly reduce the possibility of acquiring these symptoms. Depending on your condition, choose from a wide selection of thyroid supplements at Vitasave that range from Lorna Vanderhaeghe THYROsmart to AOR Thyro Support, Life Choice Thyroxycut Dieters, WomenSense ThyroSense and New Roots THYROSYN among many others.


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