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Innotech Wholy Tea - The Total Body Cleanse

Vancouver, Canada – Wholy Tea is a product that promises to effectively cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive system. Wholy Tea is perfect for people experiencing digestive problems like constipation, bloating and flatulence. Those with difficulties in their liver and kidneys also positively benefit from taking Wholy Tea regularly. People who want to start living more healthfully can also reap good fruits from Wholy Tea; it jumpstarts the detoxification process, thus cleansing people from inside and out.

Why should you use Wholy Tea?

Wholy Tea is made from a combination of herbs that efficiently flushes out toxins and wastes from the body. These herbs include the following: Marshmallow leaves, holy thistle, persimmon leaves, malva leaves, blessed thistle, green tea and white tea. Together, these herbs in Wholy Tea clean the entire digestive tract- stomach, liver and colon alike. Thus, waste products and toxins are eliminated from the body. With this potent mix of good-for-you herbs, you are ensured of a cleaner colon and a subsequent lighter feeling within a few weeks to months. Taking Wholy Tea not only ensures a cleaner you; it also improves your immunity, clears your mind, boosts your everyday daily activity performance and elevates your entire health and well being.

How to take Wholy Tea?

To enoy the detoxification benefits of Wholy Tea, take two cups every day for an entire month. Be sure to drink lots of water when taking a cleansing program like with Wholy Tea. Eight cups of water is enough to keep Wholy Tea running throughout your system and to efficiently keep your internal toxins at bay.


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