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Vega Sport – Finally a Natural Vegan Supplement for Athletes

Press release   •   Jul 21, 2016 02:03 EDT

Vega All in One Nutritional Shake - Mocha

Vancouver, Canada: The world of athletics is no doubt a very vital one, with so much talk on doping and a way to clamp down on it there is nothing that will bring greater news to an athlete than a supplement that is 100% natural and contains no illegal enhancing substances. The vega sport is the ideal vega one for any athlete in the USA or around the world. Made exclusively from natural and organic substances, this vega sport is the supplement that most athletes would be comfortable with. It is a good energiser and has a host of other benefits and we would be looking at them below in more detail. This product is especially going to be loved by athletes who are vegetarians as it provides them not just with energy but it can also serve as a dietary supplement that they would be comfortable with.

An Overview of Vega Sport

Vega sport is a 100% natural and 100% vegan product. As a matter of fact it is the first 100% plant-based supplement that acts as a performance enhancer for athletes. This helps to improve the performance of athletes before they start their training (i.e. while in preparation), during their training and even after their training (i.e. during competitions). Like vega one in the USA, vega sport lacks any additives, artificial preservatives, it is gluten free and does not contain artificial colors or sweeteners. The vega sport was formulated by bestselling plant nutrition expert Brendan Brazier who is himself a vegan, an author and a former athlete.

Features of the Vega Sport

It is a plant based product so it is 100% natural

It contains about 25g of protein and about 5000mg of glutamine

It can act as a dietary supplement outside its function as a performance enhancer

It improves muscle strength and also repairs and builds muscle up

It is a certified 100% vegan product

It can be trusted for athletes because it has been tested for banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

It has no artificial additives, gluten or sugars

It reduces the time it takes to recover following end of one training and the onset of another

You can purchase your vega sport in the USA just like vega one, from the internet or at any vegan shop near ou.

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