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Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer- The Key to a Pre-Workout Meal

Press release   •   Jul 22, 2016 04:33 EDT

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer - Lemon Lime

Vancouver, Canada: One of the major things that will determine whether you will perform in a workout is what you choose as your source of energy in your diet. Most people are determined and work very hard to keep fit but end up under performing simply because they choose the wrong diet. Find balanced complementary carbohydrates in the vegan pr-workout energizer and improve your work out performance. This product has high gleycemic sprouted brown rice syrup that gives you instant energy. It is also composed of low-glycemic organic palm nectar that burns in a slow and steady process. The energy in Vegan sport pre-workout energizer is stable and it cannot spike nor crash. Natural caffeine obtained from tea in this product gets you the mood and helps you focus on your workout. Improve your work out today, mix vega sport workout energizer with ice cold water and drink 20 minutes before your workout.

Why should you use Vegan sport pre-workout energizer?

Below are some of the natural components in Vegan sport pre-workout energizer and their benefits that will interest you in this product;

It has brown rice syrup gives you instant energy from the start. This syrup is paired with coconut nectar which helps to sustain the energy

Coconut palm nectar provides a slow release of energy which sustains your energy during workout.

Green tea in this product contains caffeine and amino acid I-theanine that gives you jittery energy

Yearba mate in this product provide caffeine that increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity to support endurance.

Panax ginseng helps to enhance performance during workout. It helps to enhance physical capacity

This product also contains rhodiola which is known for increasing your time to fatigue. It also increases your endurance. Rhodiola has also been known for its herbal usefulness to reduce stress, fatigue and weaknesses.

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